Spinnaker’s process allows the manufacture of nano-pores 

precisely tuned to accommodate the dimensions of a drug 

of interest.  This provides a protective cage for the drug, 

and it yields control over the rate of release of the drug 

and the rate of dissolution of the particles.

Drug-infused, resorbable biomaterial for sustained drug release

  Pores can be finely tuned to a specific drug release profile 


  Ability to match pore size to molecular size of drug  


  Pores can be customized for drugs with different properties


  Pores can accommodate several drug types simultaneously

Advantages for Proteins: Nanoporous Silicon vs Polymers
  Upon degradation polymers can change the pH of local 
  micro-environment affecting drug stability resulting in a 
  loss of activity.

  Polymers are often associated with a “Burst” release 

  Polymers do not always degrade into fully resorbable 

  The pSi drug loading process is aqueous based.  
  Polymers are cast from organic solvents that are 
  often not compatible with proteins.

Safe Sustained Drug Delivery using Nanoporous Silicon Particles